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Cairns Optional Tour! (Day3) 18.11.02

I went to Cairns as an optional tour. We stayed there for 4 days and I'd like to write about the third day. That day it was raining, we took a train from Cairns to Kuranda. The train has been registered as a World Heritage Site. The view from the train was so beautiful and magnificent.
As soon as we arrived at Kuranda we got three hours free time. Actually, Kuranda is famous for mining therefore there are many jewellery shops and souvenir shops. To be honest I'm not interested in jewellery so I didn't go to that kind of shop. I ate salmon-don for my lunch and it was absolutely tasty.
Anyway, that day was so fun I'd like to go there again.


Cairns Optional Tour!! (Day2) ② 18.10.26

We ate lunch in the boat and moved to the next area. I borrowed a life jacket in second area, so I could swim easily and enjoy the snorkeling. This area was very beautiful compared to the first area. Coral was near the surface of the sea, also it had many fishes. I want to go there again! While going back to the shore, I got sea sick, so it was very hard.

We ate grilled meat at dinner. It’s been a long time. It was delicious and fun. When I go back japan, I want to go to grilled meat restaurant.

I got a lot of new experiences on optional tour 2nd day.




Cairns Optional Tour!! (Day2) ① 18.10.19

I went to the Great Barrier Reef on optional tour day 2. It was the first time to do snorkeling, so I was very excited and I had little a tension. While going to the snorkeling area, we were sleeping, because pill for seasickness had big side effect.
First area of snorkeling was hard. The waves much rougher than I expected, so I swam few times, but I was very tired.  ⇒To be continued.

私はオプショナルツアー2日目にグレートバリアリーフに行きました。シュノーケリングをするのは初めてだったので楽しみな気持ちと少し緊張する気持ちがありました。シュノーケリングする場所に向かっている間、酔い止めの副作用が強く私達は爆睡でした。最初の場所はとても大変でした。波が思ったより強く少し泳いだだけでとても疲れました。 ⇒続く

Cairns Optional Tour!! (Day1) ② 18.10.12

Finally, I went to the night market. It sold many Australia’s goods. For example, food, clothes, glasses, huts, cosmetics, interiors and etc. The food looked delicious. I wanted to eat many types of food. Many shop assistants were Japanese or can speak Japanese, so I understood what they are selling and what effect it gave us. While I went back to the hotel, I saw a girl who was singing on the road. It was amazing! Everyone was attracted to her song.
I enjoyed the optional tour 1st day.



Cairns Optional Tour!! (Day1) ① 18.10.05

I went to cairns on an optional tour in the middle of May. I would like to introduce three experiences that were fun on the 1st day.

Firstly, I rambled about in Cairns city. It had many shops. I found some of the same stores as Springfield. Cairns is famous sights in Australia, so i saw many Japanese. I ate Tonkotsu ramen at lunch. It was the first time to order the Tonkotsu ramen, but It was very yummy!

Secondly, I swam in the pool in the hotel with friends. The pool was very cold, so we couldn’t swim for a long time, but there weren’t other guests. We had the swimming pool to ourselves. We took a lot of pictures and videos. I enjoyed it.  ⇒To be continued.



2つ目は、ホテルのプールで泳いだ事です。プールはとても冷たかったので長時間泳ぐことはできなかったけど他のお客さんはいなかったので貸し切り状態でした。私達は沢山写真や動画を撮りました。とても楽しかったです。  ⇒続く


My host family ② 18.09.28

I went shopping with my host mother on the day I came to Australia.
I go to play with host family once a month.
It's very fun and one of my pleasures.
The host family's cuisine is very delicious. Among them, my favourite dish is meat pasta made by host father. I was impressed when I first ate meat pasta.
I sometimes play ball with the host brother before and after dinner. It is a very pleasant and happy time.
I am truly happy to meet this family. I would like to make many memories with my host family in the rest of my studying abroad life.



My host family ① 18.09.21

My host family is a family of five.
There are three host brothers and this family is a very bright family.
The host brothers' names are Cooper, Levi, and Archer.
Cooper is 7 years old. He and I have the same birthday. Levi is 5years old. He is very energetic and usually talks to me. Archer is 1 year old. He has become one year old recently. He is very cute and he makes me feel happy everyday. ⇒To be continued.

クリーパーは7歳です。彼と私は誕生日が同じです。リーバイは5歳です。彼はとても元気でよく私に話しかけてくれます。アーチャーは1歳です。彼は最近1歳になりました。とても可愛く、毎日幸せな気持ちにさせてくれます。 ⇒次回へ続く


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