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[International Course] 関西学院大学にAO入試に5名受験し全員合格! 18.10.09

We are proud to announce that all 5 students in the International Course who applied for Kwansei Gakuin University have passed their AO entry exam and will be attending the university from April. During the past two years, these students studied university level introductory psychology and sociology materials as well as engaging in intensive research and presentation projects in their Communication Skills classes. During their AO interview exams, the students talked knowledgably about their research experiences and academic goals. We are sure that they will use their academic skills as they move into the future and help make to make Japan and the world a better place for us all.




[International Course] Kyushu International University Speech Contest 18.09.27

The results have come back and a student passed the first stage of the Kyushu International University English Speech Contest and will be going to the All Japan Speech Contest held on November 3. Riku Higaki worked really hard from day one and picked a topic. Riku wrote his speech in Japanese and then translated it to English. Riku listened to native teachers read the speech so he could hear their intonation. As Riku practiced Riku changed it bit by bit until his final version was perfect. Finally Riku recorded the speech and sent it to Kyushu International University to be judged. It was a great opportunity for the students to practice lots of English. We are so happy to see Riku’s hard work pay off.


Riku Higaki with his acceptance letter

Riku Higaki editing his speech

Riku Higaki recording his speech

[International Course] Becoming an international conference presenter (part 3) 18.09.26

Four Umeda International Course students presented at the International 8th Independent Learning Association Conference held at Konan Women’s University in Hyogo. At the end of the day, each of the students gave a summary of their presentation to all the conference attendees. The students did an amazing job explaining their ideas to over 100 professors from all over the world. Now the Clark students are writing up their presentations as articles to be published in the international conference journal! We are sure the students will use this experience in their school portfolio and during their university interviews. We are so proud of our Clark students who are now members of the international academic presenters community!


Eriko Kikuoka gives her summary

Kento Miyoshi gives his presentation

Students receiving their official certificate for presentation

[International Course] Becoming an international conference presenter (part 2) 18.09.21

4 Umeda International Course students presented at the International 8th ILA Conference at Konan Women’s University in Hyogo. The students’ presentations were on the unique way they study English. Kento talked about using YouTube to learn new words. Yui talked about making study menus and reflections. Eriko discussed using English songs to improve pronunciation. Shouta explained how to read books to improve conversation skills. The students gave their presentations to groups of high school, university & graduate students, and professors from all over the world.



Yui explains how to balance studying the 4-skills to university students.

Eriko explains her method to professors and graduate students.

4 Clark students as representatives in the ILA International Conference.

[International Course] Becoming an international conference presenter (part 1)! 18.09.17

Four Umeda International Course students, Kento, Yui, Eriko, & Shouta applied to present at the 8th ILA Conference, an international language conference held at Konan Women’s University. The students wrote 200 word proposals about their unique ways to study English in their free time. Many high school and university students sent in proposals. All 4 Clark students were selected to be conference presenters. Over the summer and the beginning of September, the students made a poster and wrote four minute presentations in English. We are very proud the students were selected to be presenters at an international conference and created such informative posters!


All 4 students worked hard to make their presentation posters

Students presentations proposals printed in the conference handbook

Shouta practices explaining his poster

[International Course] Writing Scripts In Drama Level 1 18.09.11

The students are back from their summer break and ready to start learning English. In the level 1 drama class the students have started writing their own scripts. The theme was ordering at a restaurant. The students first wrote their own script in Japanese then translated the script into English. At the beginning of the year the students had to use textbooks with scripts. However they are now able to imagine how native people talk in different situations. It’s always great to see the students’ improvement and growth in the classroom.


Students performing their scripts

Students writing their scripts

[International Course] Summer Camp Translation Project 18.08.25

Another activity we do during summer camp is a translation project. The students are split into 6 groups and have to work together to translate an English book into Japanese. The book was a series of short stories about a king called The King and the Sea. There were lots of stories and the translation wasn’t easy. The students all worked hard together to come up with the best translation of the book. After they finished their translations, each group picked their favorite story and presented their translation to all the members of the camp. It was interesting to see the variety of translations the students produced.


Students working together on their translations

Students working together on their translations

Short story book

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